Why Trade with T3 Trading Group?

We currently trade equities, options, futures and FX. Traders are required to make a first loss capital contribution with a track record. Established traders with a profitable and successful track record from the past two years may be considered for full funding by the firm.

Our Trading Floors

T3 currently offers six (6) branch offices in the US with our main headquarters and trading floor at 1 State Street Plaza in the Financial District of New York City. Our trading floors offer an open and collaborative environment where new and experienced traders can share ideas.

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Our Trading Offering

We offer Multiple Asset Classes and both Manual and Automated Trading:

Equities Trading

T3 uses multiple clearing firms including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Electronic Transaction Corporation (ETC) – Catering to Active, Professional and Proprietary Traders – Competitive Fees and Cost Structures

T3 employs smart order routing through Clearpool Technologies

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Options Trading

Equity options trading is available for both Hedging Strategies and Speculation. We Allow Multiple Legs and Spread Trading (with Compliance and Risk Approval).

T3 employs smart order routing through Dash Technologies

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Futures Trading

T3 offers a variety of services that cater to both experienced traders and beginners through competitive profit splits, transparent cost structures, financial backing, flexible work environment, and education.

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Algorithmic Trading

T3 offers API Access to multiple platforms through Instinet and co-location in various data centers (Carteret, Great River etc). We have decades of Black Box and Automated Trading Experience.

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