Training with T3 Trading Group

Proper training and trading education is vital to your becoming a successful trader. Whether you are a seasoned, active trading veteran or a novice, T3 Trading Group can provide you with the tools needed to battle the markets.

SIE & Series 57 Training

All of T3’s proprietary traders are licensed with the Securities Industry Essentials Exam (SIE) and the Series 57 Top Off, and active Series 57, Series 56, or an active Series 7 and 55. It is a requirement to learn the rules and regulations of the SEC/FINRA to trade professionally with the firm’s capital. We will sponsor you to take the exam(s) and will provide all of the necessary study materials to prepare.

Through our partnership with Securities Training Corporation (STC) you will receive the STC Premier Plus Package, which includes online study manuals, final exams, flashcards, a strict study calendar and live virtual classes for you to consult with STC instructors on your progress.

If you aren’t currently licensed, T3 can provide sponsorship for the SIE Exam and Series 57 Top Off. All FINRA sponsorship and registration requires background checks, fingerprints, proof of address along with compliance and business approval.

We are only able to register residents of the United States and persons authorized to work in the US. We may accept OPT and / or F1 visas.

All Equities and Option traders are required to have an active SIE and Series 57 Top Off, Series 57, Series 56, or Series 7 and Series 55 license.

Technical Training

Proper training and trading education is vital to you becoming a successful trader. Whether you are a seasoned, active trading veteran or a novice, we can provide you with the tools needed to battle the markets. Through T3 Live*, our subsidiary company, you will receive the following free subscriptions with a T3 Trading account:

Virtual Trading Floor

We’ve created an environment that encourages our traders to connect and communicate about the markets. Our VTF is an interactive video, audio, and chat platform that allows all of our remote and in-office traders to see what our top traders are buying and selling in real time. The VTF also grants access to our main floor, located in NYC, to interact with our senior trader for our morning meetings and post-market recap.

Scott Redler All Access

Get timely market analysis from T3 Live* Chief Strategic Officer, Scott Redler. You’ll receive Scott Redler’s Morning Note, Morning Call Video, and Premium Twitter commentary.

T3 Entry Level Training Program

Join our exclusive in-office 30-day training program geared towards teaching aspiring traders the necessary skills and psychology to become successful traders. Each trader will receive an in-person, formal education, that discusses technical analysis with complex strategies to implement. From the classroom to the trading floor, it is recommended to practice implementing these strategies on our simulator to display confidence and profitability. To conclude each day, all of our traders are grouped and assigned a mentor to critique and provide insight on their trading performance based on their results from the simulator.

Upon completion of the training course, traders enter a mentoring program that lasts for the duration of their careers with T3. The mentoring program consists of daily morning meetings, afternoon trade reviews, and post-market re-cap.

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